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Welcome to The Ben Report. This blog originated out of a domain search on NameCheap.com. I searched Ben, and up came hundreds of domains, such as ben.africa, ben.tax, and ben.cab. However, wanting to start a blog, I found the domain ben.report very useful, and thus purchased it for a great price. I then spun up a DigitalOcean droplet with wordpress enabled and created the site that you are reading off of now. However, I started off with some problems, and still have some right now.Problems

After creating the site, I quickly realized that I wanted it to be SSL Encrypted. This means that there is a lock on the website name, making the user feel more secure about visiting the site. If you looked up there as you read that, you can see that there is no lock. I went through a DigitalOcean guide for encrypting my site to get that lock, and it worked well, but the second I visited the site, I regretted my decision. Now, any time somebody visited my site, a flashing popup telling them the site was insecure popped up due to the fact that I had “self-signed” the certificate. I then reversed my steps, but to no avail. The site was not working well. However, I had not really wrote anything yet, so it was not troubling to simply delete and recreate the DigitalOcean droplet. Everything seemed to be working just fine, until I visited the site. Once there, Safari said that I could not access my server. It kept redirecting to the secure version of my site instead of the regular one. I tried everything to fix this, but it simply would not go back to normal. However, when I went on to Firefox, the site loaded perfectly, and that second I switched everything; my phone, iPad, and computer, all over to Firefox. So, although this site has had some tough beginnings, it appears to be working just fine right now. I now know not to SSL encrypt my sites without a valid, non “self-signed” certificate. I will stop talking about certificates now.

The Plan For This Site

This site will hold a lot of different things, but don’t worry I will keep it organized. That actually brings me to my point. Some categories you might find on this site would be:

  1. Organization
  2. Productivity
  3. Business
  4. Funny Stuff
  5. Anything else that interests me at the moment

Now that you know what this site is all about, sign up for the newsletter in the menu(on the left if you are on a computer, up top on mobile). It will send you a email weekly containing a lot of small pieces of information. I promise, you won’t receive spam. It is simply a way to know what happened that week in the world of The Ben Report. Anyway, thank you for reading.

-Benjamin Schoelkopf

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  1. Great blog. Very much looking forward to what this blog will bring into my sad, sorrowful life. Mr. Schoelkopf is the next innovative genius that the world needs. He will step up to the plate and end gun violence, poverty, and homosexuality. Thank you, Ben…

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